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Licenses for Independent Taxi

Taxis are among the most highly regulated local businesses. Cities not only license drivers, vehicles and taxi companies, but often control the market by create commoditized medallians or local franchises that restrict the entry of new taxi companies into their cities. Accordingly, anyone involved in the taxi business can expect some serious paperwork, fees and licensing processes.

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Licensing in Syracuse, New York

In the mid-20th Century, Syracuse was an important industrial and technology center. However, in recent decades, Syracuse has seen its industrial base decline and its economy shift. Today's Syracuse is an education and healthcare center with three major universities -- including Syracuse University -- and two major hospitals. Syracuse regulates numerous businesses and has a well delineated business license application system. Syracuse entrepreneurs can expect to need both local and state business licenses and permits. In some cases, multiple licenses and permits are required, particularly in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, food, contracting and elder care.

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