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Licenses for Alcohol Importer

Alcohol Importers bring wholesale alcohol from other states into their own state. Because alcohol regulations vary by state, importers are charged with ensuring shipments comply with state law. Accordingly, importers must hold the appropriate state liquor license and in many cases local business licenses.

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Licensing in Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield has long been a center of innovation, manufacturing and commerce. In the 18th Century, Springfield became the nation's first armory, providing the Continental Army the rifles it so desperately needed. Today, Smith and Wesson continues that tradition in Springfield, while Baystate Heath Systems employs large numbers of healthcare workers who clean up the effects. After riding the wave of industrialization through the 19th and 20th centuries, Springfield has developed a strong and diverse economy that includes trade and transportation; education and health services; manufacturing; tourism and hospitality; and government. Both Massachusetts and Springfield are highly regulatory -- requiring a large number of business licenses and permits. Entrepreneurs wanting to enter Springfield's healthy economy and sizable regional market should be prepared to file for numerous licenses and permits as part of the process.

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