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Licenses for Lock and Security Equipment Contractor

A lock and security equipment contractor evaluates, sets-up, installs, maintains and repairs all doors and door assemblies, gates, locks and locking devices, panic and fire rated exit devices, manual and automatic operated gate and door closures and releases, jail and prison locking devices and permanently installed or built-in safes and vaults. This classification includes but is not limited to master key systems, metal window guards, security doors, card activated and electronic access control systems for control equipment, motion and other types of detectors and computer systems for control and audit of control systems and other associated equipment. Fire alarm systems are specifically not included in this section.

Other Lock and Security Equipment Contractor licenses

Licensing in Overland Park, Kansas

Although largely a suburb of Kansas City, Overland Park has a substantial population and economy of its own. Most notably, Overland Park is world headquarters from Sprint Nextel employing more than 18,000 people and as a result, has become a hub for numerous communications and technology companies. Entrepreneurs looking to participate in Overland Park's industrious and growing economy will find setting up shop relatively easy. Overland Park welcomes business and requires relatively few local business licenses and permits. Better yet, the license application process is simple and streamlined. Many businesses also need licenses and permits from Kansas, which has strong centralized systems for business regulation and licensing.

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