Stockton, California Beer Distributor Licenses

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Licenses for Beer Distributor

Alcohol Distributors sell alcoholic beverages to retail establishments. Accordingly, states give them separate and generally lower license fees than alcohol retailers who sell or serve directly to the public. Distributors also require federal licensing and may need local business licenses and wholesale permits.

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Licensing in Stockton, California

Stockton has long been one of the agricultural hubs of the San Joaquin valley. And while Stockton's role in California agriculture remains, it has diversified into telecommunications, lumber and manufacturing. Because of its location at the crossroads of several major highways, Stockton is also involved in the transportation industry. Like most California cities, local business regulation is done by both city and state. While Stockton handles several very local licenses, San Joaquin County oversees food, massage and other health-related licenses. Businesses in Stockton need business licenses and permits at city, county, state and federal levels. The combination of business licenses at each level of government can lead to highly regulated businesses such as food service, contracting, commercial transportation and healthcare may need up to ten business licenses and permits.

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