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Licenses for Caregiver Agency

Employment Agencies and Staffing Firms provide temporary workers to businesses. These days, specialty and full service staffing firms serve a wide array of industries – often providing highly skilled labor. Of course, blue collar labor and administrative workers are also commonly available through employment agencies. In order to employ workers and contract them out to clients, staffing agencies require state and sometimes local licenses.

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Licensing in Santa Clarita, California

The fourth largest city in Los Angeles County is one of the fastest growing suburbs in America. As one of the more affordable middle class communities in the Greater Los Angeles Area, Santa Clarita has experienced a boom in its retail and services sectors. Additionally, Santa Clarita's Enterprise Zone offers businesses hiring, sales and use tax credits as an incentive to promote business development. Santa Clarita maintains relatively few business licenses and permits -- leaving much of the business licensing and permitting to Los Angeles County and the State of California. These higher-level licenses and permits can be complex and in many cases several are required.

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