Marin County, California Medical Practice Licenses

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Licenses for Medical Practice

Medical Practices are among the simplest of healthcare business. However, like any facility that gives medical treatment, states and local governments care that patients get safe, clean treatment. Licenses are often required not only for practices themselves, but for medical waste disposal.

Other Medical Practice licenses

Licensing in Marin County, California

Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, Marin County hardly feels like an area adjacent to a major city. The relaxed, agricultural communities found in Marin County keep business regulation to a minimum and those businesses that need special permits deal with relatively little paperwork and hassle. Despite its relatively thin population, Marin county is home to several major business in various industries. These include Kaiser Permanente (1,803 full-time employees in Marin County), Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, Autodesk, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Safeway Inc., and Comcast.

Businesses in Marin-County

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