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Licenses for Confectionery

Candy shops, Confectioners and Chocolatiers require environmental health licenses usually from counties and cities. However, the exact license type can vary widely with some jurisdictions specially licensing confectioners, while others treat candy like any other packaged retail food. Candy makers can expect to obtain licenses and permits from state, county and city governments.

Other Confectionery licenses

Licensing in Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California is highly populated port city with a large variety of businesses. In order to keep the city vibrant, clean and safe, the city has implemented a number of regulations. Long Beach primarily targets industries that can be used as covers for vice as well as businesses charged with the health, care and safety of others – such as home daycare businesses. Luckily for Long Beach business owners, Long Beach has a centralized licensing office that handles most industries and business types. Long Beach has long been a center for the transportation industry. It houses a division of Boeing as well as number of shipping and logistics companies. SCAN health plan and Molina Health Care are also headquartered in Long Beach, giving it a role in the healthcare industry.

Businesses in Long-Beach

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